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Biological and Applied Environmental Research
Biol. Appl. Environ. Res.

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Volume 3 (2), 2019

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  On the Occurrence of some Intestinal Parasites among Diarrheic Children Attending a Hospital
   in Al-Karkh Side, Baghdad City, Iraq

   Adel O. Salman, Furhan T. Mhaisen & Abdul-Rahman A. Al-Tae  

   Pages 93-102         Download Full Text  PDF

   Impact of Black Grape By-Products on Growth Performance of Young Common Carp (Cyprinus
   carpio L.)
  Pola J. Nader & Nasreen M. Abdulrahman

   Pages 103-110          Download Full Text PDF

  Using of Anise (Pimpinella anisum) and Chamomile (Matricaria chamomilla) powders for common
  carp  Cyprinus carpio L. anesthesia  

  Khalidah S. Al-Niaeem, Nasreen M.A. Abdulrahman & Raaed S. Attee

  Pages 111-117          Download Full Text PDF

   Effect of Microalgae Chlorella pyrenoidosa as Feed Additive on Common Carp (Cyprinus carpio L.)    Nutritional Performance, Proximate Composition and Organoleptic Evaluation
  Nasreen M. Abdulrahman, Sana H. Abid & Mustafa Koyun  

   Pages 118-126         Download Full Text PDF

   Occurrence of Six Larval Nematode Species from Marine Fishes of Iraq

Hayder A. H. Al-Hasson, Khalidah S. Al-Niaeem & Suzan A. Al-Azizz   

   Pages 127-141         Download  Full Text PDF

   Effect of Some Agroecosystems Management Applications on Plant Flowering and Root-Knot    Nematodes Activates Using Some Soil Improvements in Greenhouses      

   Akram M. Abdulrahman & Aladdin Yüksel  

   Pages 142-151        Download full text PDF

   Checklists of Parasites of Fishes of Thi-Qar Province, Iraq   

   Furhan T. Mhaisen  

   Pages 152-167          Download full text PDF




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