Biological and Applied Environmental Research
Biol. Appl. Environ. Res.

Peer Reviewed
Open Access Journal
            ISSN: 2002-6153

Volume 2 (2), 2018

  Univariate Analysis of Benthic Infaunal Biodiversity in the Kingdom of Bahrain

  Thamer S. Ali, Sarah Al-Dawood & Farah Al-Dawood

  Pages 111-129         Download Full Text PDF

  Assessment of Organotin Compounds in Coastal Sediments of Kuwait

  Amal J. Alkandari, Thamer S. Ali & Talat Saeed

  Pages 130-145          Download Full Text PDF

  A Comparative Study on Filtration Area of Gill Rakers in Two Fish Species: Redbelly Tilapia,
  Coptodon zillii and Torpedo Scad, Megalaspis cordyla in Basrah, Iraq

  Akeil J. Mansour

  Pages 146-153         Download Full Text PDF

  First Incidence of the Ciliophoran Freshwater Fish Pathogen Trichophrya piscium Bütschli, 1899 as a

  Human Pathogen from Basrah, Iraq  

  Abdul-Hafiz Al-Duboon & Mohanned A. Disher

  Pages 154-161           Download Full Text PDF

   Effect of Dietary Vegetable Wastes as Prebiotics on Serum Biochemical  Parameters and Intestinal

   Microflora in Juveniles of the Common Carp Cyprinus carpio

   Mustafa A.A. Albadran, Salah M. Najim & Khalidah S. Al-Niaeem

   Pages 162-170            Download  Full Text PDF

   Effects of External Radiation Exposure on some Hematological Parameters

   of Hospitals Workers Staff

   Hamzah J. Joudoh, Amani M. Al-Kaysi & Nada F. Kadhim

   Pages 171-179             Download full text PDF

   Checklists of Parasites of Fishes of Salah Al-Din Province, Iraq

   Furhan T. Mhaisen, Kefah N. Abdul-Ameer & Zeyad K. Hamdan

   Pages: 180-218              Download full text PDF

   Morphological Characters of Two Cymothoid Isopods: Ceratothoa oestroides (Risso, 1816) and   

   Ceratothoa parallela (Otto, 1828) from Turkey

   Ahmet Öktener, Dilek Türker & Ali Alaş

   Pages 219-230              Download full text PDF

   Marine Fish Parasitology of Iraq: A Review and Checklists

   Furhan T. Mhaisen, Atheer H. Ali & Najim R. Khamees

   Pages 231-297               Download full text PDF

   Catalogue of Marine Fishes of Iraq

   Atheer H. Ali, Thamr K. Adday & Najim R. Khamees

   Pages 298-368             Download full text PDF

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